Victory! – Papa John’s Yoga commercial is pulled

APR 30, 2020 — Due to efforts of all those who signed the petition and due to the efforts of individuals who worked in their own capacity and protested, Papa John’s has pulled the commercial. Here is the statement from Papa John’s

“In everything we do, we’re guided by our values and our purpose that we love pizza and it brings us all together. We strive to demonstrate these values each day to create a people-first culture where truly everyone belongs. We are in the process of removing this commercial from rotation, which will take full effect over the next week.”

Papa Johns Pizza

Ask Papa John’s to Immediately Withdraw Papadias TV Commercial “Yoga”

I support the petition by American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD) and demand that Papa John’s immediately withdraw the advertisement titled, “Yoga” which profoundly demeans the primordial and sacred mantra, AUM (OM) and practice of yoga.  More than a billion Hindus around the world, chant this sacred sound daily as part of their spiritual practice.  “Yoga” commercial trivializes and insults the spiritual practice of Hindus.  During the past weeks, hundreds of thousands of Hindus have gathered online to collectively chant AUM to pray for global health and wellbeing. 

The poor choice of AUM and yoga, mocking Hindu dharma (religion, practices and way of life) is insensitive and Hinduphobic. It is inconsistent with your own lofty statement, “Papa John’s purpose is to bring people together with better pizza…we are committed to…creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture where everyone belongs.”  

If the “Yoga”commercial is not withdrawn immediately, we will ask all the Hindus around the world, including those in India to boycott Papa John’s.