Hindudvesha / Hinduphobia Webinar: What Can Hindus Learn from the Jewish Holocaust

The horrors of the Holocaust that unfolded in Nazi Germany in the 20th century were preceded by an intense anti-Semitic discourse that dehumanized the Jewish people. Anti-Semitic discourse paved the way for a society claiming to be civilized to perpetrate, without remorse or protest, the horrors of the Holocaust. 

This Webinar will feature two Jewish speakers, a Holocaust survivor and a Holocaust Historian, who reflect on their experiences. How does the Jewish community preserve the memories of those events and tirelessly work to ensure that they never happen again? What are possible Holocaust lessons for Hindus who have experienced genocide in several countries and who continue to experience sustained Hindudvesha –  a discourse that dehumanizes Hindus everywhere.

Luna Fuss Kaufman was born in Krakow in 1926. After the outbreak of World War II, Luna, along with her parents and sister, was interned first in the Krakow Ghetto, then moved to Plaszow Concentration Camp. Luna’s father, sister and 70 members of her extended family perished in the camps, while Luna and her mother were transferred to the Hassag ammunition factory in Skarzysko and then Leipzig, where they survived the war. After completing her education in Poland, Luna and her mother emigrated to Israel in 1950. Luna met her husband, an American, and moved with him to New York, and together they built a family.

Luna has dedicated her life to teaching about the Holocaust throughout the state of NJ and beyond. In 2006 Luna published her memoirs, Luna’s Life, written to inspire readers of all faiths to secular and religious cooperation. Even during the time of the Covid-19 Virus lockdown of 2020 Luna has continued her work, conducting Zoom lectures online with students of all ages – she is tireless lecturer on the need for unity and peace.

Dr. Adara Goldberg is the Director of the Holocaust Resource Center and Diversity Council on Global Education and Citizenship at Kean University (Union, NJ). Since earning her doctorate in Holocaust History at Clark University (2012), Dr. Goldberg has held an Azrieli Foundation fellowship at fellowship at Hebrew University, a Post-doc fellowship at Stockton University, and served as education director for the Vancouver Holocaust Education Center. Recipient of the Marsid Foundation Prize at the 2016 Western Canada Jewish Book Awards, Dr. Goldberg’s book, Holocaust Survivors in Canada: Exclusion, Inclusion, Transformation, 1947–1955 (2015), represented the first comprehensive analysis of the resettlement and integration experiences of 35,000 Holocaust survivors and their families in postwar Canada.

Dr. Goldberg served as a consultant for the Azrieli Foundation, and is a featured historian for the Montreal Holocaust Museum virtual exhibition, Building New Lives. Her current research projects explore the phenomenon of post-genocidal familial reconstruction, and the role of national apologies in collective memory.

AHAD Webinar on Systemic Hinduphobia (Hindudvesha) –

American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD) and Dharma Civilization Foundation
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Hindudvesha is systematized and institutionalized in school textbooks, not only in the USA but also around the world, including India itself. It deeply impacts our younger generation, who are taught that Hinduism is backward, hierarchical and guilty of oppression from time immemorial. In this webinar we will look at why this is, what to do about it, and whether we are having any success in impacting this situation.
Prof. Kundan Singh
Krishna Maheshwari


Hindudvesha – Systemic Hinduphobia Webinar : The Colonial Roots of Hindudvesha

The Colonial Roots of Hindudvesha – When did it start ? Who started it ?
In this Webinar, we will be exploring the genealogy of Hindudvesha. While Hindudvesha goes far back into history, we will pick up an important thread with the writings from the British Colonial era which set in motion a certain narrative about the Hindu civilization. We will look at how the “Ruler’s Gaze” of the British era distorted not only their perception of the Hindu world, but also our own, and what consequences those colonial era writings continue to have on our own self-understanding, today?

We hope you will be able to join for this webinar on February 28th 2021, at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST

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AHAD and Dharma Civilization Foundation Announce the Premier of Webinar Series on Hindudvesha (Systemic Hinduphobia)

Co-sponsored by American Hindus Against Defamation, AHAD (an initiative of VHPA) and Dharma Civilization Foundation, in this groundbreaking webinar series, we will be exploring an ambient and pervasive phenomenon that is popularly known as Hinduphobia. However, we will be introducing a new term, Hindudvesha, which more accurately describes this phenomenon. We will look at how to define it, identify it, spot it when it occurs, and share some examples of the phenomenon in various domains such as Media, Academia, Social Media, Movies and Political circles. It is the first of a series of webinars where we be exploring this depth.


AHAD Stand on Kamala Harris Debated

BOSTON—Readers of INDIA New England News blasted INE for publishing an article in which the World Hindu Council of America, known as VHPA, questioned the Hindu heritage of US Senator Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

The article entitled “World Hindu Council of America Leaders Question Hindu Heritage of Senator and Democratic VP Candidate Kamala Harris” was published on Oct. 20, 2020.

Here are some readers’ reaction to the article:

“Shame on you all for printing this racist diatribe on your website. I am disgusted to read this on your website. It offends me enormously. To  print this only 12 days before election is nothing but irresponsible.

Is this what you think Hindu religion is? Kamala Harris is Hindu by birth. Her mother was Hindu. What makes you believe these racist Hindu Council writers?

I ask you to remove this blasphemy from your website and apologize to all the readers.”

–Anoop Desai

“I am writing to fully endorse the expressions of horror and shame of Mr. Anoop Desai on your reporting on Sen. Kamala Harris. The intent of the writer, including the deliberate misinterpretation of the Hindu influences on Sen. Harris’ life, are highly suspect.

The innuendo, sarcasm and gutter level writing style are unbecoming of any publication or of any truly philosophically Hindu association. The substantial influences of Indian culture and the Hindu religion on Ms. Harris have been unquestionably established and your motivated article will not tarnish that in the minds of any real Hindu.

Incidentally, there are countless people in India who embrace both Hinduism and Christianity, having beliefs in the strengths and best practices of both faiths. The sudden spewing of so much intolerance against a person of Indian origin, who is possibly on the verge of attaining the second highest office in the land, insults the aspirations of all Indian origin Americans. In the hope that you will see some light and apologize.”

–B. Ravindra Rao

Thank you for publishing our press release on Kamala Harris as Goddess Durga meme. I have seen the headlines where some of your users have blasted India New England News for publishing the article based on our press release.

Those who have criticized you, have neither bothered to read Sen. Harris’s biography or heard her speak about her faith. Senator Harris has always claimed to be Baptist. She has NEVER claimed to be a Hindu. So it is not blasphemous of us to call her non-Hindu. We challenge anyone to find a statement where Sen. Harris has said that she is a Hindu. Therefore, it is not VHPA that is questioning Sen. Harris’s Hindu faith. We are merely respecting Sen. Harris’s wishes to declare a faith of her choosing.

American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD) is an organization that is devoted to fighting the denigration of Hindu culture, customs, and icons. Rest assured that if Pres. Trump had portrayed himself as Krishna in Vishwaswaroop Darshan, we would have had a similar response.


World Hindu Council of America Leaders Question Hindu Heritage of Senator and Democratic VP Candidate Kamala Harris


BOSTON—A group of Hindu Americans belonging to World Hindu Council of America, known as VHPA, American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD) and HinduPACT are questioning the Hindu heritage of US Senator and Democratic Party Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

“It seems to us that Sen. Harris, a self-acknowledged on-Hindu has now realized that in the battleground states, the Hindu votes matter. So, Senator Harris is now rapidly discovering her Hindu roots,” Ajay Shah, executive vice president of VHPA and convener of AHAD and HinduPACT, said in a statement. “Welcome home, Senator, you have now moved on from masala dosas and cleverly inserted reference to “chitti” to donning the dress of Goddess Durga. Do you want to know what those who practice Hindu dharma think about this cartoonish portrayal of you as Durga Mata?”

“Before assuming the form of Durga Mata, through your niece, did you bother picking up a book on Hindu Dharma 101 or at least talk to your “chitti?” said Mr. Shah. “Hindus are offended, and Hindus are outraged, because you have insulted Hindu Goddess and while you continue to claim to be a non-Hindu, you have the audacity to assume the form of a revered Hindu Goddess during one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals, Navaratri for scoring political points.”

Born in the US to immigrants, cancer researcher Shyamala Gopalan from India and economics professor Donald Harris from Jamaica, Harris has leaped in a generation to running for a position that could put her a heartbeat away from the US presidency.

After her parents divorced when she was only seven, Harris was brought up by her mother, whom she has described as “tough and fierce and protective” yet “generous and loyal and funny,” and credits her for her success.

In her memoir, “The Truths We Hold,” Harris wrote that the lesson “it was service to others that gave life purpose and meaning” that she inherited from her mother came from her grandmother Rajam, who had not completed high school but was a fiery protector of victims of domestic abuse.

Moving from New Delhi to Berkeley for her PhD in the tumultuous era of the 1960s civil rights movements, Shyamala Gopalan joined the protests “with a sense of justice imprinted on her soul,” Harris wrote.

In this environment, she wrote, “My mother understood very well that she was raising two Black daughters. She knew that her adopted homeland would see Maya as Black girls, and she was determined to make sure we would grow into confident, proud black women.”

Her sister Maya is also a lawyer.

While the African American identity became the dominant one – and, in fact, the one that boosted her chances to the get the vice presidential nomination – Harris wrote, “Our classical Indian names harked back to our heritage and we were raised with a strong awareness of and appreciation for Indian culture.”

She wrote, “My mother, grandparents, aunts and uncle instilled us with pride in our South Asian roots.”

“I was also very close to my mother’s brother, Balu, and her two sisters, Sarala and Chinni (whom I called Chittis, which means ‘younger mother’ [in Tamil]),” she recalled.

Utsav Chakrabarty, executive director of HinduPACT, said in a the statement that the caricature of Hindu deities wreaks is tokenism that has become a hallmark of Biden-Harris ticket.

“At best it is cheap and hurtful and at its worst, creates tank Hinduphobia in communities that already have very little knowledge about Hindu Dharma,” Chakrabarty said.

Rakhi Israni, executive director-legal of HinduPACT, said that it is quite telling that Joe Biden-Kamala Harris campaign that won’t even put out an agenda for the Hindu American community when they have done so for other religious communities is misappropriating the religious symbols and pictures of this same community for their own purposes.

“In other words, it seems that what the Biden/Harris Campaign is saying is don’t ask what we will do for you, but continue giving your all to us. It’s about time Hindu Americans wake up,” Israni said. “We can’t afford to be emotionally tied to one party or another lest we are taken for granted.”

Founded in 1970, World Hindu Council of America (VHPA) is a prominent organization of Hindus in the United States. An initiative of VHPA, AHAD is a Hindu organization against defamation in the USA.  HinduPACT USA, or Hindu Policy Research and Advocacy Collective, USA, is also an initiative of VHPA.